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Wellness space created by women with the mission of Fitness. Wellness. Empowerment. Change.

Woman Up represents unity, diversity, and empowerment for women at all stages of life. Our ambition is to achieve change for our membership, our community and for our society utilising our professional skills and shared passions. So, what else would a group of diverse and passionate Zumba Instructors do but seek deliver Change through Fitness and Wellness.

The Woman Up Queen Team have been knitted together in friendship and sisterhood having found ourselves dancing side by side in Zumba classes and events. Through conversation and understanding we have forged a powerful family with shared ambitions and experiences whilst equally passionate about supporting our individual goals.

In 2021 we began a journey to WOMAN UP, we wanted to have an event to celebrate women on International Women’s Day….by the end of our first year we had raised just under £4K for Refuge the charity – dancing and walking and galvanising any resources at our disposal. We chose Refuge because they exist to make our society safer for women and children experiencing domestic violence and because we realised, we each of us are survivors or witness to the pain and trauma of such violence and because it matters to us that the generation, we hand the baton to can have a safer experience of and to womanhood. We will do everything we can to be there for survivors and witnesses…#youarenotalone and at the right time, in the right way, we will share the stories that brought us here.

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