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UK based gift shop inspired by our dachshund and our favourite TV shows

The turnaround on orders can be up to 5-7 working days. To decrease Madame Modiste’s ecologial footprint we’ve decided not to have a large stock and risk items going to waste. The blank, organic materials are ordered and printed only upon request to order. Thank you for your understanding and your love for this planet!
Our products based on our life living with our dog, Bruce and our favourite TV shows, like Schitts Creek or Friends.

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Discover our ‘Love is a sausage dog’ line inspired by our dachshund

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We can personalise any items on request. If you have something in mind, just contact us directly via email. Our product range been inspired by dachshunds, but we are able to create gifts for other dog breeds as well. Same goes for TV show inspired items: let’s talk and we will find a way to create something amazing for you.
Email: madame.modiste@gmail.com

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TV Show and Movies inspired clothes, dachshund sausage dog clothes
TV Show and Movies inspired gifts, dachshund sausage dog PJs pyjamas, cotton, satin
TV Show and Movies inspired gifts, dachshund sausage dog gifts
Dachshund, sausage dog and Movie TV show inspired accessories
Dog lover, dog gifts
Woman Up Official Merchandise
TV Show and Movies inspired gifts, dachshund sausage dog gifts for Christmas
TV Show and Movies inspired gifts, dachshund sausage dog gifts, clothes for Halloween
Custom fitness wear with your logo

Our family

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Bruce dachshund sausage dog

Our inspiration, and the love ouf our life: Bruce, miniature doxie living in London. He has been named after Batman, Bruce Wayne.

dachshund organic clothing sausage dog gift for everyone

Rupert and Marvel from the UK. On the photo Marvel and his mum, who is wearing the ‘Sorry I’m Late’ sweatshirt personalised for her with two dog silhuettes. (The original design comes with one silhuette, but we can personalise it for you). We adore Marvel’s face, how much he is ‘impressed’ by taking photos.

Dachshund sausage dog organic clothing gift for everyone

Milo and Mars from the UK. On the photo their mama is wearing a white and black ‘Love is a sausage dog’ sweatshirt. We love how amazing they look on these photos.

Di, breeder from the UK. We’ve received the most adorable product photo from her.

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